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Elite Laboratory Analysis

Precise, Advanced Results:

We offer customized, state-of-the-art laboratory testing based on your individual needs and health goals.  Each laboratory is selected based on rigorous credentials and excellence in their specific fields to insure precise, advanced results. The quality of information these labs provide allow our physicians to assess your individual hormone levels and requirements.

Comprehensive blood, urine, or saliva testing are the most important preventive tools you can use to help head off health problems, allowing you to take better control of your health and play an active role in maintaining your body chemistry.   These tests also provide the most effective way to detect metabolic abnormalities like elevated bad cholesterol particle counts, diabetes, increased vascular inflammation, and hormonal insufficiencies. This type of testing currently is not routinely performed in most physicians’ offices. Detecting metabolic disorders is particularly important for uncovering hidden risk for heart attacks, stroke, diabetes, vascular disease, dementia, and hormone imbalances.

State-Of-The-Art Laboratory Testing

Medicine based on exclusive laboratory results forms the basis of the Elite Executive Physical with comprehensive hormone panels evaluation.  From your medical history and test results we provide customized treatment recommendations including: hormonal or medical prescriptions, nutritional intervention, lifestyle modifications, and supplement advice. At the Harding Medical Institute we utilize state-of-the-art diagnostics which allows our physicians to individualize treatment programs that will lower our patient’s risk of disability and death from all diseases. Simply using a standard blood profile only reveals 40% of disease risk. However, our expanded cardiovascular risk profile can uncover 90% of heart attack and stroke risk.* Our comprehensive metabolic panel can predict diabetes years before it occurs.* Even further, at the Harding Medical Institute we can detect hormonal imbalances before they can adversely affect the body.

Some Of Our Comprehensive Laboratory Panels Include:

The best time to have a comprehensive laboratory evaluation is when you are feeling well. If you wait for disease to occur you waited too long.

Cardiovascular Panel:

Comprehensive cardiovascular panel takes into consideration, not only cholesterol and triglycerides, but also many more newly discovered indicators of risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Such as homocysteine PLA 2 or C-reactive protein as well as measurements of cholesterol particle size and number and vascular inflammation.

Detailed Blood Hormone Panels:

In the hormone panels evaluation we base our recommendations on regaining and maintaining metabolic and endocrine levels in the optimal range, not merely the normal reference range. Some of the hormones we measure include: Estrogen,  Testosterone in Women, Free Testosterone, Progesterone, Human Sex Hormone Binding Globulin, DHEA, Insulin, Thyroid Hormones (TSH, Free T3, Free T4), Cortisol, and Growth Hormone.

Vitamin levels such as B12, and Vitamin D


Genetic testing for blood clotting risk and cholesterol metabolism


Your Unique Molecular Fingerprint:

Blood tests are vitally important to your journey to optimal health. Each person is a unique individual, not only in terms of personality and temperament, but also with regard to their biochemistry. There are of course the standardized blood tests that doctors routinely perform. While these are a good starting point, more specialized tests are required to hone in on how your individual body chemistry can be optimized to achieve your goals, protect your health and prevent premature aging.

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