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Executive Physicals For Women

State-of-the-art total health testing and executive physical that combines medical technology with specific female hormone analysis, heart screening, blood testing, metabolic testing, and nutritional analysis. This creates an in-depth and personalized health analysis and program.
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Women Hormone Imbalane

Weight Gain, Tiredness, & Sexual Problems can all be signs of severe female hormone imbalance. Hormone imbalance can affect all women as they age. Our comprehensive hormone analysis program is utilized to test, restore, and balance the hormones needed to function properly.
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Anti -Aging Program For Women

The Anti-Aging Program utilizes the power of early detection and disease prevention with preventative medicine, regenerative medicine, and cutting-edge biomedical technologies to offer an unparalleled look into your health and cellular makeup.  Reach remarkable health goals.
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Weight Loss For Women

As we age, maintaining a proper weight becomes an even greater challenge. The Harding Medical Institute’s physician supervised nutrition program consists of a multi-dimensional approach that is integrated with customized nutrition, fitness and pharmaceutical grade vitamins and supplements.Harding Medical Institute Read More Button 2

Athletic Medicine Program For Women

Maximize your athletic efforts with personalized medical supervision for optimal, balanced muscle gain and increased endurance.  No longer reserved for only elite athletes, our cutting edge Athletic program is designed to provide quantitative measurements of your fitness protocol to help you reach full potential.Harding Medical Institute Read More Button 2

Women Concierge Medical

The Harding Medical Institute’s Elite Concierge Medical Program delivers access to personal, world class medical care. Designed for health conscious executives and families seeking higher quality of medical care.  This program provides 24/7 physician access, preventive healthcare, and multi-discipline physician coordination.Harding Medical Institute Read More Button 2

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