Medical Services

Medical_ServicesExperience the Difference the Harding Medical Institute can make in your Life and in you Health.

The Harding Medical Institute offers over 30 years of expert medical expertise. Our physicians have been Board Certified in Internal Medicine and have completed advanced specialized training from the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and The Cenegenics Medical Institute. Additionally, they are certified by the American Academy of Sleep Disorder Medicine. They both have proudly serves on the faculty of the University of Central Florida School of Medicine.

Drs. Deborah and Victor Harding developed the Harding Medical Institute to fulfill their patients’ needs for optimal health, personalized service and 24/7 physician access. We have a limited patient membership so you can to establish a personal one-on-one relationship with your physician and get the attention you deserve.

Our program combines the advantages of concierge healthcare with Year-Round Primary Care, Internal Medicine, personalized preventive healthcare, Sleep Disorder Medicine, Anti-Aging Medicine, and customized Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. We utilize state-of-the-art diagnostic blood work and provide our patients with customized Fitness, Nutrition and Vitamin programs.

Harding Medical Institute Concierge Membership Medical Practice

Concierge Services:

Superior Inclusive Programs
Year-Round Primary Care, Internal Medicine, Preventive Healthcare
Year Round Personal Health Plans and Routine Monitoring
Year-Round Natural Hormone Balancing and Replacement
Year-Round Anti-Aging Medicine
Year-Round Nutritional Support and Planning
Year Round Weight Loss and Body Composition Programs
Year-Round Customized Fitness Counseling and Fitness Recommendations
Year-Round Vitamin and Supplement Recommendations
Year Round Sleep Disorder Programs
Year Round Brain and Memory Programs
Year Round Stress Management
Year Round Medical Coordination of Travel
Superior Access
24/7 Direct Personal Cell Phone Access to Dr. Deborah & Dr. Victor Harding
24/7 Dedicated staff to address all of your personal needs via cell phone/email
Emergency treatment and advice when you’re away from home
Optional Skype or Phone Review of Testing or Follow-up Lab Results
Same Day/Next Day – Urgent/Emergency and Routine Appointments
Online Store of Nutriceutical and Vitamin Supplements
Phone/Text/Fax/ Email/ Access
Secure Email Communications
One-on-One Personalized Attention
Superior Appointments
No Wait Appointments
30 Minutes Plusof Personal Care For Every Follow-up Appointment
In Office Blood Draw For All Lab Work and Specialized Testing
Comprehensive Hormone Level Testing including Blood, Saliva and Urine
In Office Testing: Ultrasounds, Resting Metabolic Rate, Bone Density, Body Composition, Sleep Testing, Brain Function, Stress Tests, Vo2 Max Fitness and Anti-oxidant levels.
Superior Coordination of Specialized Medical Care
Scheduling, Coordination and Facilitation of Appointments with Specialists
Scheduling and Coordination of Radiology Appointments and Diagnostic Testing
Liaison, Coordination, and Patient Support During Hospitalized Care
Complementary Liaison, Coordination, & Patient Support of Family Emergencies
Superior Blood and Hormone Testing
Customized, state-of-the-art Laboratory Testing
Sophisticated Cardiovascular Lipid Panels
Comprehensive Blood Hormone Testing
Vitamin levels such as B12, Vitamin D, and Omega 3 Fish Oil Levels
Genetic Testing
Blood, Saliva, and Urine Hormone Testing
Micronutrient Testing
Food Allergy and Sesitivity Testing
Telomere Testing
Superior Amenities
Weekly Vitamin and Metabolic Injections
Year Round Discounts on Botox. Fillers, and Peels
Private Consultation and Reception Area
Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements
Coffee and Snack Bar
Weekly Preventive Newsletter
VIP Access and Invitation to Special Member Events
Limited Patient Membership
Optional Electronic Medical Records
Couple and Family Plans
Designated Parking Area
The Harding Medical Institute’s commitment remains clear: promoting higher-quality of health, preventing the onset of disease and helping you live a more satisfying, energetic, and healthy life. Our membership program is designed to address all these areas and more.

Call 407.210.2101 now to take advantage of our FREE Consultation to learn what a concierge membership will do for you.