Total Health and Wellness Physicals










Initial Advanced Lab Draw in office Including Specialized Hormone Testing & Evaluation



Resting Metabolic Rate Test

Extensive Lab Review with Physician Including Evaluation of Vitamins & Supplementation, Stress & Lifestyle

Fitness & Weight Management

DEXA Body Composition Analysis

Cardiac Treadmill Stress Testing

VO2 Fitness testing

Carotid Screening Ultrasound

Thyroid Screening Ultrasound

Abdominal Screening Ultrasound

Core Renew Multivitamin

D3 5000 OR Methylated B12 (as prescribed by physician)

TA-65 Supplement

ALCAT Platinum Food Sensitivity Testing

Life Length Telomere Testing

New Galleri by Grail Multi-Cancer Early Detection Test

Skin Medica HA5 Hydrator

Factor Five Stem Cell Serum

Factor Five Stem Cell Eye/Lash Cream

Vitamin C 20% Serum

Cleanser (1.7oz)

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“I have never had a doctor spend a full 15 minutes with me, but the doctor and the team spent and entire day with me to make a customized plan and I feel great!”

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