The Elite Executive Health & Corporate Wellness Programs of Harding Medical Institute.

Are you willing to trade one day to get all the information you need to start living a healthier, longer life now? Serious health conditions including heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, depression, hormonal imbalance, and even Alzheimer’s disease can be preventable. The Elite Executive Health & Corporate Wellness Programs of Harding Medical Institute offer a motivating, educating, and logical approach to preventing, diagnosing, and modifying our health and, as a result, the aging process.

Our high-tech Elite Executive Health Evaluations can be customized for corporate leaders, small business owners, retirees, and those simply seeking the next level of high definition healthcare. We provide you with an unprecedented seamless, one-day battery of tests and consultations to evaluate your total physical health. By incorporating state-of-the-art technology, testing, and comprehensive laboratory analysis we evaluate your specific hormone, metabolic, nutritional, vitamin, physical, cardiovascular, and brain health. We recognize that parameters such as optimal levels of hormones, endocrine function, vitamins, cardiovascular markers, bone density, lung function, antioxidants, brain function, sleep quality, body composition, muscle mass, metabolic rate and cardiac function are important for peak performance, health and longevity.

We take great care to evaluate your specific needs. Your evaluation will provide us with a comprehensive picture of your unique physiology. We interpret the results and then develop an individualized program uniquely tailored to your specific biochemistry and requirements. Unlike traditional programs we have developed a totally integrated program to restore hormonal balance and therefore restore executives to a younger, healthier, and more vital self regardless of chronological age. We establish a clear and measured wellness baseline in each of our patients, give the tools and resources to allow the patients to improve upon deficiencies each year, and then reassess with follow-up physicals annually.

In short, the Harding Medical Institute works with everyone from Fortune 500 executives and small business owners to individuals who simply want an annual physical that digs deeper and provides results. Our program allows executives to change their lifestyle now and reap the rewards later. Let’s get started today.
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