Elite Health Evaluations

Elite_Health_Evaluations_LandingOur comprehensive Elite Full Day Health Evaluation provides you with an unprecedented seamless, one-day battery of tests and consultations to evaluate your total physical health. By using state-of-the-art technology, testing and comprehensive laboratory analysis, we evaluate your specific hormone, metabolic, nutritional, vitamin, physical, cardiovascular, and brain health. We recognize that parameters such as optimal levels of hormones, endocrine function, vitamins, cardiovascular markers, bone density, lung function, antioxidants, brain function, sleep quality, body composition, muscle mass, metabolic rate and cardiac function are important for peak performance, health and longevity.

You are different from the patients before you and from those that will follow. Recognizing that, we take great care to evaluate your specific needs. Your evaluation will provide us with a comprehensive picture of your unique physiology. We interpret the results and develop an individualized program uniquely tailored to your specific biochemistry and requirements.

We then utilize a multi-faceted approach of integrating a synergistic program of disease prevention, anti-aging medicine, medical weight management, sophisticated vitamin and medical food supplementation, enhanced sleep disorder treatments, individualized nutrition plans, scientifically targeted exercise, and hormone optimization. We educate and guide our patients toward a healthier future.

The Harding Medical Institute Executive Health Evaluation is more than a snapshot of your health. It reveals a picture of what’s happening inside your body. When you are healthy on the inside it shows on the outside. When it comes to good health, it’s not too late to invest in your health and your future.

A Full Day Elite Executive Health Evaluation is highly personalized according to your age, gender and medical history and includes:

  • An Elite Consultation with your Personal Physician
  • Complete Physical Exam
  • Advanced Elite Laboratory Analysis
  • Total Hormone Blood Testing and Evaluation
  • Anti-Aging Therapy Consultation
  • GE DEXA Total Bone Density Scan
  • GE DEXA Total Body Fat and Muscle Composition Scan
  • KorrMetacheck Resting Metabolic Rate for Weight Management
  • Pharmanex Anti-Oxidant Level Screening
  • Sleep Disorder Consultation
  • KorrMetacheck Resting Metabolic Rate Test for Weight Management
  • Korr Medical VO2 Max Fitness and Heart Rate Measurement
  • Cardiac Stress Test and Electrocardiogram Test (EKG)
  • Vitamin and Supplement Consultation
  • Anti-Aging Nutritional Video Presentation
  • Fitness, Nutrition, and Weight Management Consultation
  • Stress and Lifestyle Consultation

Harding Medical Institute Concierge Membership Medical Practice

After patients participate in the Elite Executive Health Evaluation, they have the option to join the Harding Medical Institute’s ongoing Concierge Membership medical Practice. We believe that continual physician follow-up and adjustment to your program is essential to anyone’s journey to perfect health. As your body changes, we will track your progress along the way. Your personal physician will manage and adjust your individualized program based on follow-up labs, further testing, and ongoing consultations. In fact, our entire team offers their medical expertise and caring service to keep your health journey on course.

Additionally, your personal physician will continually inform you of the latest scientific and technological advances that you can take advantage of to keep you ahead of the anti-aging curve.

Call now at 407-210-2101 to schedule your Elite Executive Health Evaluation today, and begin your journey to a younger healthier you!