The Harding Medical Institute Concierge Membership

Concierge_ServicesThe Harding Medical Institute redefines the concept of Concierge Medicine.

Dr. Deborah Harding created the Harding Medical Institute concierge experience to fulfill patient’s needs for optimal health, personal service and 24/7 physician access. Our program combines the advantages of concierge healthcare with; Internal medicine, personalized preventive healthcare, customized bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, and anti-aging medicine. We utilize state-of-the-art diagnostic blood work, which allows our physicians to individualize treatment programs that will lower our patient’s risk of disability and death from all diseases.

Concierge medicine empowers you to establish a personal, one-on-one relationship with your personal physician. We have a limited patient membership so you can get the attention you deserve. We only schedule one patient at a time, so you will have our dedicated staff’s undivided attention from the minute you walk through our doors. Our patients also enjoy unlimited visits, continuing individualized nutrition, lifestyle, and exercise coaching, as well as access to a full spectrum of diagnostic and laboratory testing all under one roof.

In addition to having direct access to your personal physician, you will receive priority appointments even same-day, if necessary. Your personal physician is also available 24/7 via a private cell phone and secure e-mail. At the Harding Medical Institute, the Doctor is always in. Imagine a doctor’s office that offers total convenience and access to your personal physician including:

The Harding Medical Institute Concierge Membership:

Year-Round Primary Care, Internal Medicine, Preventive Healthcare, Anti-Aging Medicine, Sleep Medicine, Comprehensive Blood Testing, and Bioidentical Hormone Therapy combined with customized Fitness, Nutrition and Vitamin programs.

Our commitment remains clear: promoting higher-quality life, preventing the onset of disease and helping you live a more satisfying, energetic, and healthy life. Our membership program is designed to address all these areas and more.

The Harding Medical Institute membership will change the way you think of healthcare. At its essence, it gives members a streamlined and personalized healthcare experience.

Age Healthier and live well longer. Experience the difference the Harding Medical Institute can make in your life and in you health.

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