Is Howie Mandel’s Closed-Fist Greeting Brilliant or Bonkers?

Howie Mandel does it. President Obama has done it. And so have countless athletes and celebrities: The closed-fist greeting!

It’s a trend for some, but Howie Mandel does it for a different reason … to avoid germs! Might his OCD closed-fist greeting be a gift in disguise for us all?

And might his approach be suddenly changing from being seen as bit weird to being the mainstream preferred greeting?

Actually, it could be a way to HELP PREVENT the Flu!
Howie’s “Closed-Fist Greeting” Could Soon Replace Handshaking the World Over Soon Stopping much of the Transfer of the Flu!

While some used to see Howie Mandel’s OCD as a tragedy, his fist greeting is a fast growing trend and could become recognized soon as a very good idea for us all to replace the handshake (which is simply a tradition that goes back several hundred years meant then to show the person you were greeting that you had no weapon in your right hand).

The perceived “lethal weapon” greeting has, today, (in just one year) become the “fear” of transferring the flu … which makes what used to be seemingly odd or even a bit crazy (as Howie Mandel admits his fist greeting is not always well accepted) an actually brilliant and preferred greeting by many!.

His extremely odd greeting may have just become a gift for us all, as the masses  (billions of people) quickly see and accept the reasons that drove him to do this throughout his entire life and that we now accept, learn and do!

Now if we could just get everyone to just sneeze towards their elbow… OR at least into their upper sleeve because we don’t want to share your germs…  PLEASE?

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