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Brain Health

Brain HealthWhen Your Brain Is Healthy, You Have The Critical Edge

At the Harding Medical Institute we know that preserving brain function is the key to healthy aging. Precise testing of key biochemical, psychological and neurological components of your brain allow for an amazingly accurate evaluation of your total brain health.  This evaluation can also help detect imbalances in the brain that can lead to illness elsewhere in the body.

CNS Vital Signs

Using neurocognitive and neuropsychological tests – CNS Vital Signs– the Harding Medical Institute’s Anti-Aging Program objectively assess your brain functions and health.  We utilize computerized in-office non-invasive brain assessments to determine the neurocognitive status.  For the neurophysiological evaluation we utilize state-of-the-art brain diagnostic blood panels to measure critical biochemical and vitamin levels to evaluate healthy brain functions and potential risk factors.   These tests allow for a deeper knowledge and understanding of your brain strengths, weaknesses, brain power, speed, rhythm and synchrony.

Brain Health Influenced By Key Criteria

  • Diagnosis, and management of neurodegenerative, neuropsychiatric, and neurodevelopmental disorders.
  • Brain processing speed impacts information recall and concentration.
  • Brain strength influences energy and drive.
  • Brain pace impacts calmness and stability.
  • A combination of brain criteria allow for tracking the response to treatment i.e. ADHD medication, and antidepressants.

Personalizes Action Plan

At Harding Medical Institute we determine the functioning of the brain, interpret the results, and then develop a plan of action uniquely tailored to your biochemistry and needs to improve and preserve brain health for years to come. Then we continue using – CNS Vital Signs – comparative testing to guide rehabilitation, patient management, and track treatment programs. Thus, we begin the process of preventing and reversing brain dysfunction, which is often linked to accelerated aging of the brain.*

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