Advanced Lipid Testing

Lipid TestingNew lipid measurement technologies, lipid measurement protocols, and biochemical markers are now available to uncover true risk factors for cardiovascular and related diseases. This type of advanced lipid testing is the missing link towards a comprehensive management plan of preventing common degenerative diseases such as heart attacks, heart failure, stroke, dementia, fatty liver disease (NASH), neurological demise, diabetes and more.

Not All Cholesterol Is Unhealthy

Research has shown that 50% of patients admitted to the emergency room for cardiovascular events had a normal “traditional” cholesterol panel. This is because traditional lipid panels represent only one piece of the diagnostic puzzle.  At the Harding Medical Institute we offer a comprehensive panel of advanced lipid testing to reveal a more accurate picture of your total health. These tests unveil the hidden lipid factors that when corrected can ensure a more effective preventive medical plan. This information can also be used to reverse disease and improve certain health markers.

Assessing Lipid Cardiovascular Implications:

Lipoprotein Particles

Lipoprotein particle size/number and Apolipoprotein concentrations reveal levels of good and bad cholesterol particles, which provide a far better predictor of heart attack risk than traditional lipid profiles alone.

Heart Function

Advanced tests detect strain or other damage to the heart muscle, which can lead to more appropriate treatment for preventing heart attacks.

Genetic Markers

Genetic markers predict risk for heart attacks and strokes, plus sensitivity to commonly prescribed medications.

Metabolic Markers

Metabolic markers can lead to early detection of diabetes and cardiovascular disease, which may reduce or eliminate a patient’s need for insulin.

HD-Omega-3 Index

A Fatty Acid Profile is a potent indicator of the nutrients in a patient’s diet that can improve cardiovascular health.

Correcting Lipid Imbalances

The Harding Medical Institute’s Anti-Aging Program is designed to safely and quickly correct significant lipid imbalances that may be leading to cardiovascular risks and premature signs of aging.  Schedule your Free Lipid Consultation Today

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