Weight Loss Hormone Balance and Nutrition For Women

Nuritional Medicine for MenThe Hormone Connection:

Studies show that what women eat can significantly influence how they feel, how they perform, and how they think. Maintaining mental health is important so that women can feel good about themselves, their relationships, their jobs, and all aspects of their lives. The improper balance of several important hormones, nutrients, and metabolism can play a critical role in weight gain in women.

Abdominal Fat Converts Testosterone To Estrogen:

Abdominal fat does not just sit there; it is metabolically active and converts the male hormone Testosterone into the hormone Estrogen. This cycle results in a further decrease in Testosterone levels even in women and further increase in body fat and loss of muscle mass. Resulting in fatigue, low energy levels, low libido, and a host of other symptoms. Thyroid disorders, particularly low thyroid, commonly causes weight gain by decreasing the body’s metabolic rate and slowing the conversion of fat to energy.

How Metabolism Changes With Age:

When it comes to nutrition it is important that women eat a healthy diet with the right amount of carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats.. Without a proper diet women will develop low energy levels, have little interest in sex, and have trouble maintaining an energy level that is needed to function normally and in optimal mental health.

As women age, they have specific nutritional and supplement needs that need to be addressed. This is because as they age they become less active and their metabolic rate starts in decrease. This means that women need to concentrate on specific areas that include:

  • The amount and type of protein that they eat.
  • The amount and type of Vitamins that they eat or get in a supplement form
  • The amount and types of Minerals that they eat or get in a supplement form.
  • Precisely balanced hormones
  • Body composition and lean muscle mass.

Customized Exercise Programs:

The correct balance of Testosterone, Estrogen, Progesterone, Cortisol, Insulin, and Thyroid hormones combined with sound nutrition, exercise, and metabolic testing are the key to successful weight loss. Each individual needs and metabolic testing form the foundations of your customized weight loss program.

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