Dr. Harding’s Message

Dr Deborah HardingAfter 20 years as an Internal Medicine physician, I started to feel a disconnection from my patients. I wanted to be more involved in their health as a “coach,” but knew that their annual visits to the doctor were not enough to help my patients obtain the optimal health they desired. As my advanced training progressed, I knew there were exciting innovative, proactive, preventive medicine modalities that combined with the benefits of Anti-Aging Medicine could dramatically change their lives now and in the future. So my new journey began.

My practice evolved into a unique concierge medical practice called the Harding Medical Institute, which provides the ultimate personal experience to better health. At the Harding Medical Institute, we know there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to patient care. You are unique, and so are your issues, goals, and concerns regarding your health.

The Harding Medical Institute, using the most advanced technologies, concepts, and techniques, strives to offer the very best medical evaluations, treatments and programs. We will address and manage your immediate, near-term, and long-term health goals. We want to provide you the best opportunity to live well, longer. I believe it is possible to live a long life with good health, youthful energy, vitality, sexuality, and enhanced cognitive thinking. The traditional approach to medicine has been “fix-it-when-it’s-broken” or “diagnose-and-treat” philosophy. Instead, we take a proactive approach to preventive medical care and age management.

We have learned it is possible to live out all our years with youthful energy and vitality, no matter how many candles were on our last birthday cake. To be internally young and healthy, it is important to be on the cutting edge of disease prevention and Anti-Aging medicine. This new integrated approach to health and aging is to balance diet and nutrition, exercise, sophisticated vitamins and supplements, sleep, and hormonal functions that affect the quality of your life. First, we will arm you with sound information and insight, uncovering weak links through advanced Elite Laboratory Evaluations and diagnostic testing. Then, we guide you through options and alternatives so you can regain and maintain optimal health and vigor.

Our patients realize remarkable health goals. They experience the transformative benefits of boosting energy, increasing libido, strengthening immune systems, reducing body fat, increasing lean muscle mass, improving cholesterol scores, lifting moods, managing stress, and improving cognitive function. They look and feel great.

In addition, our patients experience the luxury of being able to book same-day appointments, which are on-time, unhurried, and in a calming environment. They have our full attention from the minute they walk into our front doors. Furthermore, they have 24-hour access to our physicians and team.

Once you incorporate the principles of the Harding Medical Institute into your life, you will quickly begin to feel better, look better, perform better, and without a doubt transform yourself into the best health and shape of your life. Let the Harding Medical Institute partner with you on your discovery of a lifestyle that defies conventional wisdom on aging.

To your best health,
Deborah F. Harding, MD
CEO, Founder
Board Certified Internal Medicine
Certified American Academy of Sleep Disorder Medicine
Certified American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine
Certified Cenegenics Medical Institute